Wednesday, February 11, 2015


So, I guess this is my first post.  I decided to create this blog today as an outlet for my creativity, desire to start a business and above all, my severe problem with procrastination.  

In short, I'm starting an ecommerce platform for women's wear (with the hope to expand to menswear).  I often find myself creating lists of tasks to complete and upon their completion I start twiddling my thumbs, fucking around, cleaning, cooking, watching tv, reading trash or pretty much any doing anything except for what I'm really MEANT to be doing; subsequently wasting half the flippin' day!  I recently went to a talk on women working in creative industries and it highlighted the importance of always occupying oneself with a task or hobby which will in some way further your creativity.  This blog is the task I have assigned to myself.  A written and visual diary to chart my progression with SAUL, my sweet sweet brainchild, which will hopefully one day flourish into a burgeoning business that will benefit all the girls and ladies out there that want to look and feel good but don't necessarily have the financial means of doing so.

I'm hoping to launch SAUL by the end of February 2015. I'll be posting pictures of content for the upcoming website and photos of things that inspire me.  If you're more of a visual person as opposed to a 'words' person and fancy following me on instagram (in the spirit of sisterhood and whatnot) then you can find the info to your right.

Thank you to anyone reading this who is committed to going on this nightmare of a journey with me. *Note to self: do not refer to future empire as a 'nightmare'.

Lots of love and cheers to you all xoxo


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